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〜Episode 12.2: Sliding: Please take me to the Grandprix Final!!! In Barcelona 〜

■Sales Location/Sales Location※There are limited tickets


<Presale Tickets> (Date designated ticket)

Kham Hong Ticket Guide [寛宏售票]  ticket sales start 9/29 (Fri) at 10am. 

You can purchase tickets until 23:00 the day before.

※For foreign customers, please use the website below:

・”Animate” (Taiwan Store) ticket sales start at 10am.  (10042 Taipei City Chuumasao District 39 Road B1)

Ticket Sale Time: Works according to Animate’s business hours


<Tickets at the Door>

・10/18 11:00~Sales Begin

※Depending on the pre-ticket sales for the day, there may be a chance that tickets will not be sold at the door.

・Sold at Huashan Laugh ' Peace Factory Ticket Box


■Price: (With One Audio Guide)

・Presale: 350 NTD


・At the Door: 370 NTD

※Sold at Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory Ticket Box at 11:00

※Door tickets will depend on the amount of pre-sale tickets


■Other: Premium “Six Time Coupon Ticket”: Complete the audio guide and get the special present!


<Coupon Ticket> No Set Date

・Sales start: 9/29 10am

・Purchase Method: Kham Hong Ticket Guide [寛宏售票] (www.kham.com.tw) or at the venue ticket box

・Price: 2000 NTD

・Once you purchase the 2000NTD ticket guide, please exchange for the tickets at the venue

・Ticket exchanges begin 10/18

・For those who purchased this ticket, please wait in line and receive the six tickets when entering.

・Please refrain from sharing the tickets.  The only person who can use the tickets is the person who purchased the tickets.

・Those who purchased the coupon tickets will receive a special design ticket set and poster.



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Yuri!!! On MUSEUM



Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory


First time customers will receive a stamp card.

After finishing experiencing each audio guide, customers will receive a character stamp.


※Only one type of audio guide can be taken at the entrance.

※You may take whichever postcard that you want from the six variations.

※Please bring earphones or headphones for further enjoyment.

※Please refrain from sharing audio guides as a group.

※Please refrain from recording or transcribing the audio guides.


In order for everyone to have a fun time please follow these rules.

Audio Guide Experience Post Card (Six Versions)

Those who listen to the secret audio guide will receive a secret post card!!!

A: Viktor and Yuri

B: Yuri and Pichit

C: Yurio and JJ

D: Yuri and Yurio

E: Viktor and Chris

Secret: ?&?

There will be five variations of conversations between the skaters after the GPF. 

There is also one exciting secret guide. (Total 6)]


Available 10:00 to 17:00, Mon-Fri

The much anticipated arrival to Taiwan!!!!


The largest Yuri!!! On ICE exhibition ever!

We will be showcasing brand new art and drawings of Yuri and the other skaters created just for this exhibition as well as full reproductions of skater costumes and shoes!

Listen to the original sound guide of the exhibition voiced by the voice actors!

There will be many limited edition MUSEUM goods prepared.

Come experience the one of a kind world of Yuri!!! On ICE!

The skaters have just finished the 12th skate of the GPF Barcelona Tournament Exhibition. 

You are standing in the exhibition hall of the “Figure Skating GPF Exhibition” that is going to be held tomorrow in Barcelona.  The costumes, skate shoes, and photographs of the skaters that participated in the GPF are displayed at this exhibition.  One by one, the skaters participating in the GPF as well as Viktor are gathering here.  They look back at the fierce competition and discuss how they felt about both their performance and others. 


GPF Epilogue!

Episode 12.2: Skating: Please take me to the Grandprix Final!!! In Barcelona



















請確認 facebook 「勇利!!!on Museum 冰上的勇利展」 / 「@yurionmuseum.taipei」

We would like to thank all of the international fans that have contacted us about the Yuri on Museum exhibition. 

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for exhibitions in other locations.


Perfect reproduction of the costumes and skate shoes of both the GPF competitors and Viktor. 



There will be 20+ pieces of new original MAPPA artwork featuring the GPF skaters’ performances and photographs from Viktor’s older performances.



Each skater will talk about their feelings about Viktor. 

There will also be a “Viktor Area” full of Viktors.

Could it be? Could Viktor be there too? There will be a life-size Viktor here!



You can take commemorative photos with the skaters!! at the life-sized acrylic standing photo spot area



There will be countless Yuri!!! On Ice anime artwork and character references all over the venue!



If you use the audio guide, you will also get an original character stamp for your stamp card as well as a commemorative post card!

We would love for everyone to try out the different audio guides! There are also rumors about a secret audio guide?



There will be brand new original goods created just for this exhibition!

This exhibition will be so dense with content that you would want to check every corner!!!

[Sponsorship]  MCIP Holdings, Yoshimoto Kogyo, TV Asahi

[Cooperation]  SmileVehicle, Glee Marketing

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